Yueqing Laiwang Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 2018. It is a supplier of pneumatic components and is committed to providing global users with a comprehensive range of pneumatic machinery accessories.

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Improve skills and adapt to trends

In order to improve the professional skills of employees, improve work efficiency, and adapt to the trend of informatization, Commerce and Trade Company organized office software application traini...

  • What is a filter pressure reducing valve?

    Filter Regulators Compressed air filter regulators use rolling diaphragms. When the pressure at the input side fluctuates, the diaphragm of the pressure reducing valve is automatically adjusted to stabilize the pressure output and ensure stable pressure. The combined filter pressure reducing valv...

  • What is a pressure reducing valve

    Reducing valve (reducing valve) is to control the opening of the opening and closing parts in the valve body to adjust the flow of the medium, reduce the pressure of the medium, and at the same time adjust the opening of the opening and closing parts with the help of the pressure behind the val...